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Alejandra Bergamann

Alejandra is a danzante, community organizer, and activist originally from Mexico City. At the age of 10, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas, creating a bilingual and bicultural environment. Growing up, she frequently traveled between Texas and Mexico, spending considerable time in her mother's community in Rio Hondo, Estado de Mexico. This experience equipped Alejandra with valuable skills and knowledge, allowing her to serve as a bridge between different cultures.

Alejandra Bergamann

  Alejandra maintained a strong connection to her indigenous heritage and pursued a deeper understanding of history's impact on Native Peoples. She pursued a major in Anthropology and International Studies at Trinity University, strengthening her commitment to effecting positive societal change. During this time, she engaged in community and youth organizing. As the Director of Programs at Fuerza Unida, she gained further experience in grassroots organizing, utilizing popular education methods to build collective knowledge around economic and environmental justice issues, with a particular focus on their effects on women and communities of color.

  Alejandra was actively involved in organizations such as the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) and played a role in organizing the 2006 Border Social Forum in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She continued her participation in the Social Forum process, representing women's and indigenous people's organizing and struggles at international forums, including the World Social Forum in Kenya in 2007

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