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OYC's 20th Anniversary

In November 2023-2024, Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac, (OYC), will celebrate 20 years of sharing the Aztec culture. OYC was the first Danza Azteca troupe in Philadelphia, and over the past 20 years, we have sponsored master dancers, musicians, and instrument/regalia makers, bringing them to Philadelphia for events and workshops as well as humanities talks. The momentous occasion of OYC’s 20-year anniversary will be celebrated and documented in the project currently entitled, Cempōhualli Xiuhtonalli Macehualiztli Philadelphia: Twenty years of Aztec Dance (A Full Account). The Project will allow future generations to learn about the history of Mexicans in the area, particularly in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. 

We see our twenty-year celebration as a grand festival of our traditions and culture and plan to once again gather local, national, and international Aztec dancers, musicians, artists, and instrument makers, both masters we brought in the past who are still alive as well as the young who continue to practice the art today.

Our long-term vision is for Philadelphia to be known as a center for Native American Indigenous arts and culture, which celebrates native Mexican heritage and history and preserves sacred and artistic traditions. 

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