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NOTE OF CAUTION: Please read this before you continue in this web page

NOTE OF CAUTION: 12-2-07 by Mexica Movement Enter these pages with an open mind.

Be prepared to check out the facts found on this web page. Most of the books that we use are all listed on the bottom of this first page. It's easy to find these books. They are all from major universities and major publishers. You can get them at the libraries of the larger cities or you can order them through the internet at or

Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

Ignorance is one of the ugliest forms of slavery. Slavery is not good for any human being. European colonialism has proven itself to be a form of slavery, a pure form of evil over the last 500 years. Nothing good has happened to our people in those last 500 years. Oppressing human beings is never a good thing. In these pages we speak strongly of the truth that has been denied to our people, and to Europeans. To speak strongly over the shouts of racist lies that we have all been fed in the school systems of the world, is not about hate or racism against European descent people. We speak of this harshly loud, and politically incorrect, because this is about something monstrous that has been done to our people. We therefore are making a loud outraged demand for truth and justice. Quiet and meek do not get heard. Passive and fearful is silence. To not confront this colonial monstrosity is to be a coward and a traitor to truth and justice. We are screaming louder and harsher over the white supremacists lies and injustices that we are fed every day.


To continue to speak softly on this would be to actively participate in our own genocide, we would not be heard over the shouts of the daily white supremacy that rules our lives and that wants to bring death to us as a race and as the owners of this continent. To be angry, as we are, because of the hidden injustices (stolen continent, holocaust, genocide, destruction of our civilizations, and other monstrous crimes) is not about hate, nor is it racist, it is about an urgent demand for a truth and justice that we are owed, a demand for the return of our honor and our full humanity. Would any other human being demand anything less? Truth can be liberating to both the oppressed and the oppressor.


Do not deny the truth to the world and do not deny us justice. Justice is the only thing that brings peace to humanity. This page is dedicated to truth and justice for all of the Nican Tlaca (Indigenous people) of the "Western Hemisphere". We hope that all of humanity finds truth and justice by our example. And, please understand our righteous anger. It is our humanity screaming out to the world!

"ILLEGALS, OUR BORDERS, THEY ARE STEALING OUR RESOURCES..." THE QUESTION REALLY SHOULD BE: WHO GAVE EUROPEANS (SPANISH OF 1492 OR ENGLISH OF 1607) THE RIGHT TO BE ON OUR CONTINENT AND TO TAKE OUR LAND AND RESOURCES FROM US IN THE FIRST PLACE? We gave no permission, no amnesty, no rights to our lands, our continent, and all of their vast resources of wealth! Perhaps This Should Have Been One Of Our Warning Signs:


IF: "ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THEY CAME HERE" AS ONE RACIST U.S. CONGRESSMAN SAID IN A RECENT INTERVIEW, THEN, WE NEED TO REFRAME THIS WHOLE QUESTION OF WHO IS ILLEGAL: THEREFORE: The descendants of Pilgrims who illegally came here in 1607 are illegals. They crossed our border, the Atlantic ocean, without our permission, 400 years ago. They entered our continent illegally violating our laws of collective rights to our lands and our continent, and even under current European colonial laws they themselves are here illegally, if laws are not applied in a racist fashion. Therefore, Europeans and their descendants have no right to be here and should all be deported. THAT IS IF YOU WANT TO START TALKING "ILLEGALS" AND "BORDERS" AND "LAWS" WE THEREFORE REMIND EUROPEANS ON OUR CONTINENT THAT: They have no right to question any Nican Tlaca (Indigenous person) rights to be anywhere on our continent (from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in "South America, we are all one Nican Tlaca nation, Indigenous people). We have a right to be everywhere on our continent. This includes Mexicans and "Central Americans" who are in their vast majority Nican Tlaca, full-blood and mixed-blood---just look at our Nican Tlaca faces. We do not recognize European illegal colonial borders, nor their right to govern our lives. It is a criminal and monstrous injustice what Europeans have done to us over the last 500 years. Thefts of our continent and the smallpox warfare that killed 70 to 100 million of our people are just the most monstrous crimes, but there are more crimes to the huge list. We Nican Tlaca are one people, the collective owners of this whole continent. We are Indigenous only to this continent. Europeans have their home in Europe. We have nowhere else to go on this planet except this continent! Why do Europeans feel guiltless about having stolen our home and wealth and having killed 95% of our population? Are we still not human to you? Europeans should behave as a decent civilized people in our house, our home, our land, our continent. Apologize at least. Start giving us some of our best lands back, even if only little by little. Europeans should show some decency in how they deal with us, the Nican Tlaca of this continent.


Europeans can't just say we are now First Nation of Canada or Mexicans or "Central Americans", or Native Americans or whatever you want to call us, and then suddenly we are no longer Indigenous beyond your declared borders and that we no longer have rights to be everywhere on our continent. It is our human right to migrate to any part of our continent! We say all of this for you to reframe in your minds the question of who is the true owner of this land, this continent, and all of its vast wealth of resources. What do you expect us to do, to keep swallowing lies, injustices, and the impoverishment and genocide (assimilation) of our people? DO YOU EXPECT US TO EAT THE LIE THAT WE NICAN TLACA ARE SOMEHOW ILLEGAL ON THE PART OF OUR CONTINENT THAT YOU CALL "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"? YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT THAT OF US! WOULD YOU ACCEPT SUCH SLAVERY AND INJUSTICE? WHY DO YOU DEMAND THAT WE BE YOUR SLAVES? STOP THESE LIES AND THE MONSTROUS INJUSTICE IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF HUMANITY LEFT! BIBLIOGRAPHY None of these books are perfect, but they are the best of the best that are out there. Read these with caution. These books are from 90 to 100% right on the history and issues of our people. (Read in this order, please) 1 Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle 2 Mexico by Michael Coe 3 Mexico Profundo by Guillermo Bonfil Batalla 4 American Holocaust by David E. Stannard 5 Anahuac Book by Olin Tezcatlipoca 6 Year 501 by Noam Chomsky 7 Colonizer's Model of the World by J.M. Blaut 8 Mexica Handbook by Olin Tezcatlipoca 9 Mexico's Indigenous Past by Lopez Austin and Lopez Lujan 10 American Indian Contributions to the World by Emory Dean Keoke & Kay Marie Porterfield   CHRONOLOGY AND OTHER REFERENCES: 11Latin America: From Colonization To Globalization by Noam Chomsky 12Encyclopedia of World History 6th Edition by Peter Stam 13 Oxford Atlas of History 2002 by Oxford Press 14 Course of Mexican History by Michael C. Meyer and William L. Sherman 15Oxford History of Mexico 2000 by Michael Meyer and William Beezley 16 In the Language of Kings by Miguel Leon-Portilla 17 Skywatchers by Anthony F. Aveni 18 Flayed God (out of print, get used) by Roberta and Peter Markman

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