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Brujo de la Mancha

The Executive Director (E.D.) will oversee OYC's mission fulfillment, manage finances and office tasks necessary for providing services to Schools, Universities, Museums, Senior Centers, Community Centers, various events, including community festivals, and the Artist in Residence Program. OYC conducts two one-week Artist in Residence Programs annually.

Brujo's Qualifications 

Brujo was born in Mexico City, but his Grandmother was a native of the small town of Xico, in the mountains of the state of Veracruz. Every year Brujo would travel to Xico for family visits, including trips to the surrounding area. In Xico, Brujo learned about the activities and the lives of the indigenous people. Brujo observed the style of farming, as well as the arts, music, and the culture of the area. This is an area made up of a mixture of influences from the Olmec, Maya, and Catholic traditions. At sixteen years old, Brujo left Mexico City to travel to different places in order to immerse himself in the indigenous cultures of the people of Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz, Michoacan, and Tlaxcala. As well as being a dancer, Brujo is a visual artist working In painting, sculpting, photography, puppetry and music. Brujo teaches art classes to children in after school programs, as well watercolors for people with Alzheimer's Disease and clay to older adults. Brujo met Daniel at the Immigrant Worker's Freedom Ride in September, 2003. Since then, Brujo and Daniel have been talking regularly and sharing ideas for the dance and the Mexican community. Brujo has made all the instruments for the dance group. He has also done a large portion of the choreography with Daniel. Brujo has additionally been responsible for organizing the group for their performances, as he is one of the group members who is comfortable using his English language skills

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