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Veronica Ponce de Leon

Veronica's diverse journey includes theater, Mexican regional dance instruction, storytelling, and crafting workshops. She adeptly balances preserving Mexican traditions with adapting to our ever-changing world. Veronica's strength lies in her humor and her joy in teaching children, who always offer her fresh insights.

Veronica's Qualifications 

Veronica, hailing from Mexico City, is descended from a rich blend of Spanish, Hindu, and Indian heritage, reflective of Mexico's post-Independence and Mexican Revolution era. Growing up surrounded by her mother, grandmother, and uncles, she embraced a tradition that celebrated family and honored those who had passed on. This tradition, known as the "Tradition factor," involved festivities every November 1st and 2nd, including hot chocolate, pan de muerto, sweets, tamales, fruit, guitar music, confetti, candles, and visits to the cemetery. At just 5 years old, Veronica's deep connection to this tradition and her artistic flair led her to win the top spot in a literature and knowledge contest at her Catholic school, Rosario Arrevillaga, where she, despite being the youngest in her class, dazzled them with her ability to memorize lengthy speeches for school theatrical presentations.

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